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Category: All

    Boost Talent – New Website Project.

    Case Study: Boost Talent. An ethical tech talent solutions provider. Published May ’24

    Top 10 tips on how to reduce your website’s environmental impact.

    Choices, Optimisations, Operations and Communities to join. – Published June ’24

    Unveiling the Buckland Review on Autism Employment.

    Supporting individuals on the autism spectrum in initiating & maintaining employment. – Published March ’24

    What happened to the first genderless, nonbinary AI voice?

    Why does Alexa & Google have their default voice set to female? Read our blog about how sexism & gender biases are all around us. – Published Oct ’23

    We’ve made our ‘Ethical Move’ pledge.

    Together, we are making the ethical move for transparent, responsible and honest marketing. – Published September ’23

    Self Assessed Carbon Footprint – Year 2

    15th August 2022 to 15th August 2023 – Published August ’23

    The importance of Alt Text for the visually impaired.

    In the UK, more than 2 million people are living with sight loss. We take a journey with Ai to showcase the importance of Alt Text on websites and how many large brands within Super markets and fast-food chains are not being inclusive enough. – Published July ’23

    Disability Pride Month UK.

    In the UK, Disability Pride Month is celebrated in July and serves as a significant platform to promote understanding, inclusivity, and support for individuals with disabilities. – Published May ’23

    What is the social model of disability?

    Do you know what the social model of disability is? Do you know the other 4 models? Do you relate to them, or are you not a big fan of some of them? – Published April ’23

    What are the benefits of being Autistic in the workplace?

    Are you Neurodivergent? Do you worry if the company that you work for would treat you differently if they knew you are diagnosed with Autism or ADHD? – Published April ’23