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Charity Web Development Specialists.

Categories: All, Digital, Ethics, Projects

Bnode are charity web design experts. Case Study: Beyond Reflections. – Published October ’22

Beyond Reflections approached Bnode to design and build their new charity website development project.

Beyond Reflections are a charity supporting transgender, non-binary and questioning people, along with their families and close friends. Their Mission is to provide world class mental wellbeing support to their members across England and Wales, playing their part in delivering a Vision of a world where every gender diverse person can be their authentic self.

Beyond Reflections were previously known as Chrysalis, and were going through a rebrand at the time, which required their charity website to be lifted up to fully reflect the amazing work and quality of service that they are doing.

beyond reflections transition of logo


The new charity website is required to bring the site into current standards for what is expected of modern websites. Clean and easy to navigate, precise and a more ‘stripped down’ version of the Chrysalis website, while remaining fast with good opportunities to expand into SEO in the future and provide a good landing page experience for future social marketing activities.

And the results? Clean, Fast, Accessible, Sustainable.

  • A monochrome colour scheme, great for colour-blind users and low carbon output.

  • Simplified navigation structure for a great user experience with obvious call to actions.

  • Ease of access on all pages to the donations, events and blog areas of the website.

  • Inbuilt events calendar function and upcoming events stream with import function.

  • Bnode’s fully integrated accessibility tool for users to tailor their own experience, including:
    • Font Size changer; small, medium and large
    • Colour changers for the background, font and buttons
    • Dark mode for ease on eyes and even lower carbon output
    • Crosshair function for assistance with Dyslexia and other similar needs

  • An online shop linked to Paypal for products and quick donations with just 4 clicks.

  • A ‘Hide Screen’ feature for rapid browser ‘go to google’ due to sensitive content.

  • Google page speed scores from 66% desktop & 17% mobile to 99% desktop & 84% mobile.

  • A huge lowering of 5.862g of CO2 production per new site visit compared to the old site.

Beyond Reflections new website full screen shot

Just look at these improvements with their new charity website!

  • old desktop page speed insights 68 percent

    Desktop speed before (Google)

  • new desktop page speed insights 99 percent

    Desktop speed after (Google)

  • old mobile page speed insights 17 percent

    Mobile speed before (Google)

  • new mobile page speed insights 84 percent

    Mobile speed after (Google)

  • old charity website co2 output

    Co2 footprint before

  • new charity website co2 output

    Co2 footprint after

      Andi (They / Them) - CEO at Beyond Reflections.

Bnode have been fantastic to work with. From the initial concept through to delivery and beyond. We knew we needed a website which showcased our brand, was fast, easy to navigate and reduced our environmental impact. Chris helped with the design, taking our concepts, and turning them into beautiful reality. He worked closely with us throughout the process, providing us with guidance on documentation needed and helping with the setup of our Webshop.

Since launch we have seen incredible growth in organic searches and referrals. Chris meets with us regularly and provides us not just with data on SEO optimisation but advice on how we can improve our content. We are also looking forward to his SEO workshop, providing targeted training to the team on optimising our blogs.

Many times, Chris has gone above and beyond to help us out, even taking on the role of Project Manager to get the stunning new site launched on time.

The website Bnode produced for Beyond Reflections exceeded all expectations. Thank you.

Andi Maratos (they/them)

Chief Executive Officer at Beyond Reflections

Andi (They / Them) - CEO at Beyond Reflections looking to the right in black and white.

Bnode's unique Accessibility Tools integrated with the Beyond Reflections brand colours.

'Donate Today' integrated into the Beyond Reflections website.

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