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The Executive Hire Show 2022

Categories: All, Environmental, Ethics

The Construction sector’s race to net zero. – Feb 2022

Bnode attended the 2022 Executive Hire Show (EHS) in Coventry on February 10th to look at innovations in the plant, tool hire & construction sector and to talk with any companies interested in lowering the CO2 emissions of their Digital assets. As an industry with plenty of machinery running on fossil fuels such as Petrol and Diesel, it was ideal for reaching out and seeing steps taken in the race to net zero and to meet some like-minded individuals who are ‘Doing the right thing’.

The show had a strong focus on environmental issues and focused on products that ‘moved the needle’ in one way or another. They even had an awards ceremony for an ‘Innovation Trail: Eco’ for products moving towards electric, battery or solar-powered, or that used technology to improve efficiency and lower emissions.

So, in no particular order, let’s move on to just some of the fantastic products showcased by a selection of those 155 exhibitors that attended the show.


I spoke with Tom Hadden, Technical Sales Manager for Niftylift, which provides cherry pickers, boom lifts and lift platforms worldwide. After just a few moments of talking, it was evident that both Niftylift and Bnode were aligned in their aims to help prevent climate change by reducing carbon and particulate emissions. The Niftylift All-Electric range provides an alternative to Petrol and Diesel powered machinery.

Overall, it focuses on lower weight, utilising fewer components, more straightforward maintenance schedules, and far lower energy costs. It provides reduced lifetime ownership costs and lower running costs and can be used in emissions-restricted areas such as London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ).


For those non Electric machines, Niftylift has focused on Gen2 hybrid models, with E.U. Stage V Diesel with an electric boost as and when needed. They also support using Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) which has a lower impact on the environment when compared to fossil Diesel. Therefore, without any engine modification needed, Niftylift has approved HVO fuels as a drop-in replacement for regular Diesel.

Fuel Box

The Fuel Box team were located just inside the entrance to the Executive Hire Show, in a prime place for a prime offering. Providing exactly what it says on the… Box, they call their product range a ‘Revolutionary Bag-in-box fuelling system. An alternative to Jerry cans, these recyclable alternatives come with a double skinned U.N. approved bag inside and are pre-filled with Green D+ HVO fuel (a white diesel replacement).

Fuel Box is all about helping others meet their sustainability goals, so there’s no doubt why there was a lot of interest in what they offer and what Bnode offers when it comes to doing precisely this. After just a few moments of talking about offerings, it became apparent that the obvious had been staring each other in the face for ages but hidden away.


Why don’t people all use recyclable fuel containers, which are more environmentally friendly, reduce plastic consumption, and less landfill? And Why don’t people consider their CO2 output from digital assets? We all use the internet, have websites, use emails and provide digital marketing, so what about those ‘hidden’ emissions? Let’s say we’re looking forward to discussing how we could help each other in the future to help others reduce their CO2 outputs.


I met with Andrew Owen, Sales manager for TRIME, the lighting tower specialist. Many times we say ‘It’s a small world’ and this was just one of those times. Andrew had previously worked for a company that used LPG Gas Conversion Kits on their Generators which were invented and provided by a company that I previously worked at. It was great to catch up on how those early days of making a difference have developed into where we are today with both TRIME and Bnode.

TRIME revealed their new T-ZERO range at this Executive Hire Show, which consists of a full range of lighting towers that are either Solar, Battery or Hybrid powered to run their energy-saving LED lamps. We talked about how typical British weather is not known for being the perfect environment for Solar power and how their range incorporated batteries to help pick up the lighting output when needed.

TRIME logo

This is something that we have a complete awareness of due to previously working in the ‘standby Generators’ world, where systems were incorporated to run off multiple power sources and turn on and off when extra ‘juice’ is needed to maintain sufficient operational output. TRIME lighting towers, therefore, sport Zero Emissions, use a renewable source of energy and therefore zero fuel costs, and are silent running. It is a fantastic range of products, and we’re looking forward to furthering discussions regarding their Digital assets CO2 outputs.

Metal and Modular

Metal and Modular Fabrication Services products are 100% designed and manufactured in the U.K. and are pushing the importance of sustainable suppliers within the supply chain. They state that “The U.K. construction sector accounts for 38% of total carbon emissions”, which they have taken from the United Nations Environment Programme Report. With this in mind, they have created a system that they call ‘SureLock Pro’, which uses 82% less welding when compared to standard methods of manufacture and consists of interlocking panels and strengthened bars.


MHM Group Ltd

This year, MHM Group Ltd showcased their new ‘MHM Eco Brand’ at the Executive Hire Show. The Group has committed to reducing its carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and also sponsored the ‘Innovation Trail: Eco’ at the Executive Hire Show 2022. After speaking with their Operations Director and Marketing Manager, it was great to hear that they are already looking to consider their digital impact on the environment along with all the lengths that they have been going to with their eco-products and physical operations.


If you’re interested to learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint through your digital assets, please get in touch with us below.