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The total spending power of UK families with at least one disabled person is estimated at
£249 billion a year. -

Are you shocked by that fact?

Are you an inclusive company that already effectively supports your customers with disabilities, and enables them to easily purchase products and services from your website?

If so, perhaps we can offer you additional support with our digital marketing consulting services to further enable your business growth? If not, then we would love to work with you; to be more ethically sound, grow your online assets and services, and propel your online revenue to the next level, all while ‘doing the right thing’.

It just makes sense!

Chris Naylor - The digital marketing consultant behind Bnode

“I’ve worked within the digital industry for over 20 years now, and while it’s still my passion, there have been some things that just haven’t sat well with me. Why aren’t accessibility and environmental considerations the ’standard’ and seem to be the ‘obscure’ within modern digital practices?

With this in mind, after many years of doing practical Web Building, PPC, SEO, Branding, and project management, and finally ending up in a directorship role within a digital agency. In 2021 I decided that it was time to move on and create a digital strategy agency that aligns with my morals and offers digital marketing consulting services, focusing on how business’ can have strong ethical values while also growing profits.”

Chris Naylor

Areas of digital marketing that can benefit from strong ethical actions

Here are just a few examples of how having an ethical digital marketing consultant working with your team (or providing you with your digital services) can enhance your business across many different digital assets, platforms, and benefit your internal company practices.

Your Website

• Is your website accessible for people with disabilities?

• Can a user change the font size, colours of the page content, use reading tools such as rulers and page readers?

• Does your website produce a lot of carbon when it is viewed?

These are the top-level considerations for a business that wants to focus on inclusivity while aiming for net zero. Here at Bnode we believe that these vital elements should be standard practices, working seamlessly with the usual website audits that a digital agency or digital marketing consultant usually provides such as UX, links, SEO etc.

This is just the initial audit stage before implementation begins.

Usability Improvement

Your Website Hosting provider

Is your website hosted by a company that uses 100% renewable energy?

Many companies that are claiming to be net zero or are on their journey to achieve this, haven’t considered their digital assets, operations, and hosting providers. There are huge benefits to green hosting such as:

• Ensuring that you’re still a part of the supply chain.
• Showing your customers that you practice what you preach.
• Progress with your own journey to net zero.

Here at Bnode we provide Green web hosting as standard, for similar costs to what other agencies charge for brown web hosting services.

Green website hosting

Your Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns

A robust social media strategy, good SEO practices, and a Paid Media campaign that focuses on your target audience and demographic is not enough any more.

You must go that extra mile to make a difference and show that you have a strong corporate social responsibility, that’s why using Bnode as your digital consultants not only incorporates over 20 years of experience in these areas, but also includes consideration of accessibility and the environment.

Here’s a brief example; File sizes and copy embedded within images enabling page readers access, alt text for descriptions, correct HTML markup, page speed considerations for environmental impact, are among some of the ethical elements that factor not only in your success and growth of your digital assets, but also factor positively in the eyes of Google for your website and marketing’s online rankings.

What’s more, using social media to tell your potential customers and employees that you stand out from the crowd with your strong ethical values, inclusivity and environmental considerations will go a long way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Your Internal Digital Operations

Ever considered how many emails your company sends in a day?

And when you send them, does everyone in the chain need to know that you have said ‘ok’ or ‘thanks’ to that one person?

If there’s 4 people in the chain, then that’s 3 pointless emails.

Another thing you could consider is the full conversation… Does that truncated full conversation need to be included? Not only to the person that needs to hear your ‘OK’, but to the other 3 that don’t?

All that data being sent across the networks, through servers, sometimes being encrypted, read, and delivered, well, it all takes power to do so, and powered on servers that need power themselves and cooling systems, and that’s not even touching on the massive inboxes (or spam folders) that people keep which hold all those emails for a very long time.

A digital communication strategy is not only about sending emails and Googling things it’s about a holistic, cross business approach to your digital operations. For example; using tools that can reduce timescales and therefore energy usage such as AI, blockchain databases, and ‘big data’ handling applications to name a few.

Consideration for the environment within our digital landscape is not the future, it is now.

Digital Operations

Your Company's Employment and Team Wellbeing

Recruiting is not easy, especially for digital positions. You have to know what skills you require, have technical know-how yourself, and how to manage expectation of both parties.

Bnode can offer digital and technology recruitment consultancy for your business.

After many years of experience in the hiring of suitable candidates for digital roles, Chris’ recruitment skills are based in the knowledge of what it is like to be the web developer, data analyst, SEO or PPC expert.

Consideration towards disabilities, neuro diversity, and a persons’ ethical values also play a large part in transparency during an interview stage, helping to prevent ‘masking’, and ensuring maximum wellbeing and productivity from potential new team members.

Employment and wellbeing

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Together, “It’s Digital done right.”