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Self Assessed Carbon Footprint – Year 2

Categories: All, Environmental, Ethics

15th August 2022 to 15th August 2023 – Published August ’23

2022-2023 figures reported:


of CO2e
Energy Type
0.6 1871 kWh of electricity at 0.2111 kgCO2e/kWh
1.2 6468 kWh of natural gas
1.83 Total building emissions footprint

Cars & Vans

of CO2e
Energy Type
0.3 829.5 miles in a EU 2017 BMW 4 Series Convertible F33, From March 2016 420i -18‘’ & 19” tyres, M6
0.3 Total footprint for cars & vans

* Figures obtained from

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint measure

Amended Figures:

Bnode’s carbon emissions from energy usage are actually zero, as we’re on a renewable energy tariff from Octopus Energy.

Therefore, in using the ‘market-based’ method to calculate our emissions from energy use, the actual Tonnes of CO2e for buildings/energy is 0.

This method reflects our purchasing choices that have ensured enough renewable energy has gone into the grid to cover our energy usage.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint measure

2022 figures obtained:

The results have been calculated automatically using DEFRA and other internationally recognised metrics by

Datasets have been entered entirely by Bnode Ltd and no checking has been done by Carbon Footprint Ltd as to validity or completeness of the dataset.

Office administration based organisations generally have a carbon footprint of between 2 and 5 tonnes per employee.

Bnode’s 1 employee has a footprint of 0.3 Tonnes of CO2e

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint

A science-based target:

Bnode is also aware of it’s Carbon footprint from it’s digital assets, and is including this in ongoing creations.

The Bnode website has been created sustainably, with techniques to reduce it’s carbon impact.

During year 2, we have further enhanced our web sustainability capabilities and techniques. The Bnode website now produces just 0.116g of CO2 per page view and is powered by renewable energy (which is a huge proportional drop of 0.229g less than last years figure). With approximately 10,000 views per month this is the equivalent to driving 0.89 miles in an electric car (which is 2 miles less than year ‘s figures) , or watching 1 hours of Netflix (in HD) and it would take about 1 tree to offset this CO2 output in a year.

In year 2, the Bnode website has had a total of 2,000 unique visits, this is therefore not even 1 months calculated figures as above of 10,000 per month. Based on this, the website itself has produced less than 1/5th of a tree for offsetting purposes.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint www

Bnode website hosting

The Bnode website is also hosted on servers that use renewable energy, and they are not just using offsetting credits.

Bnode’s clients that take up hosting of website with them are also hosted on this server, providing a clean energy supply chain to them for their digital assets.

Bnode aims to continue using these services for next year to retain the clean energy use provided for digital operations.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint https

Actual total figure for year 2 is 0.3 tonnes of CO2e.

Bnode has compensated this by off setting it via to pay for UK Tree Planting which will offset 1 tonne of CO2e.

This is over 3 times the actual amount generated.

Bnode Ltd intends to keep these figures low and to look into feasible methods to reduce these figures even lower where possible within reason. For example it is still not feasible for us to switch to an electric vehicle at the moment.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint aim

Interim targets:

1. Reduce energy usage further

Although Bnode is using renewable energy as a provider, we intend to further monitor and reduce energy consumption by using smart meter analysis of products being used throughout working hours.

2. Continued lead by example marketing

Bnode Ltd is an ethical and environmental digital marketing agency. We will continue to spread the word of environmental concerns to others regarding their digital assets, and intend to reach many more companies in year three, with the aim to support their journey to true net zero.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint reduce

Official Net Zero:

It is unfortunately not financially viable at the moment to pay for the Science based Targets Initiative to officially give accreditation to Bnode Ltd as a net zero company, or to have a carbon neutral status.

Hopefully years 3 and 4 will be profitable enough to consider this being rectified.

Although Bnode Ltd is therefore not a fully recognised net zero company, we intend for this robust net zero programme to be in place anyway, and for ongoing further reductions where possible.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint comply


Bnode Ltd is proud to show accreditation on the website and on social media platforms to spread the word of good ethical business practices.

This ongoing communication is part of the plan to assist bringing other companies into not only Bnode Ltd’s low carbon footprint supply chain (as a customer) but also as part of their customer supply chains towards these net zero goals.

We are always interested in learning more and working along side other like minded business.

Self Assessed Carbon Footprint communicate