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Unveiling the Buckland Review on Autism Employment.

Categories: All, Ethics

Supporting individuals on the autism spectrum in initiating & maintaining employment. – Published March ’24

A pioneering government-endorsed review has outlined a transformative vision aimed at fostering a workplace culture conducive to supporting individuals on the autism spectrum in initiating and maintaining employment.

Presenting 19 comprehensive recommendations, the review aims to bolster the prospects of autistic individuals in entering, retaining, and thriving in the workforce.

Despite a strong desire among the majority of autistic individuals to engage in employment, only 3 out of 10 currently hold jobs, primarily due to societal stigma, inadequate comprehension of their needs, and insufficient support structures.

A woman sits cross legged on the left. She is wearing a yellow jumped, blue jeans and white trainers. On her top right is the Bnode logo that says digital done right. On the bottom right is a piece of cardboard that has LOOKING FOR A JOB written on it in black marker pen. The background is light purple.

Enhanced neurodiversity inclusivity within workplaces not only addresses skill gaps and labor shortages but also stimulates economic growth by unleashing the untapped potential of numerous individuals.

Spearheaded by Sir Robert Buckland KC and commissioned by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride, the review’s directives encompass various aspects for both businesses and governmental bodies, including elements such as:

Advancing the Disability Confident initiative, enhancing its efficacy and connectivity with the Autistica Neurodiversity Employers Index to provide assurance to autistic job seekers regarding supportive organizational environments.

Facilitating career advancement through tailored training initiatives aimed at autistic employees.

Enhancing recruitment processes by ensuring career advisors possess the necessary insights to guide autistic job seekers effectively.

Supporting existing autistic employees through the creation of “autism design guides” to ensure workplace environments are conducive to their needs.

Collaborating with software developers to tailor IT systems to meet the requirements of autistic individuals.

Supported by the charity Autistica and informed by the perspectives of numerous employers and autistic individuals, the Buckland Review of Autism Employment underscores a collaborative approach between businesses and government entities over the forthcoming five years. This collaboration may involve showcasing successful instances of autism employment, piloting initiatives within national and multinational corporations, and delivering personalized support for autistic employees within the workplace.

Here at Bnode we are trying to let the world know that employing people that are neurodivergent and not just neurotypical is a huge benefit to a full and enriched team, and that you are not hindered by your diagnosis, but empowered. If you are interested to learn more about this or to discuss this topic, please get in touch with us via the form below.