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“Global data centre electricity use in 2020 was 200-250 TWh1, or around 1% of global final electricity demand. This excludes energy used for cryptocurrency mining, which was ~100 TWh in 2020.”

IEA (2021), Data Centres and Data Transmission Networks, IEA, Paris citation

What you get with Green Website Hosting at Bnode.

Green Energy

Our Datacenters are powered by Ecotricity, the 1st company to offer 100% renewable energy in the UK.

PUE rating of at least 1.2

All of our datacentres have achieved a Power Usage Effectiveness rating of at least 1.2.

Backups each week and month

Keeping your website safe and backed up off-site at a 2nd location. Roll backs available.

SSL Certificate at no additional cost

Using ‘LetsEncrypt’ to provide a free, hassle free, secure website with no yearly costs.

Security with Firewall & DDoS protection

Regular malware and virus scans, patches and updates at server level ensuring high end security

Fast Green Cloud Hosting

Our datacentres are fitted with 100Gbps, high capacity, multi-carrier networks, ensuring fast content delivery.

Email accounts

Email addresses can be setup from your hosting package, or used via an external provider.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Integrated caching service from LiteSpeed to help enable fast website load times.

WHM cPanel included

FTP, file manager, email account management etc. All via your own control panel.

Ongoing Support

Email and Phone support between 9am and 5pm as standard. Additional extra support packages are available.

What are the benefits of Green Website Hosting?

Not only is it ‘the right thing to do’, there are so many benefits of going green with Bnode as your website hosting provider.

Ensure that you're still a part of the supply chain.

With many firms achieving net zero or striving to achieve it, it’s not only about them being eco minded, but also their supply chain. Don’t loose out on the opportunity to continue supplying your customers to your competitors or miss out on new customers because you’re not on the path yourself. Government tenders now mark on your ethical actions.

Show your customers that you practice what you preach.

Evidence of your awareness of your own CO2 output and positive actions towards reducing your carbon will prove that you’re not greenwashing.

Progress with your own journey to net zero.

Many companies haven’t considered their digital assets and operations when it comes to being net zero, which is a concerning oversight. With a sustainable developed website that is hosted on a server that runs on renewable energy, you’re one step closer to actually achieving your true goals.

Comparable costs to other providers, so why not be green?

Increasing sales and growth due to your environmental activities and marketing makes sense. It’s not just about making savings, or switching hosting, it’s about your ethical and financial profit.

Prices start from just £20 per month

All of this for around the same price that many other providers charge, if not less. So go green today with Green Cloud Hosting at Bnode.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Together, “It’s Digital done right.”