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"I need my site maintaining and I want it to constantly evolve."

Whether you want your website to be adapted, or tweaked to enable it to convert more sales, leads or enhance your brand awareness. Or you simply need it maintaining each month to keep it secure and up to date, then our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) & web maintenance services can help.

We’ve tried to make this as flexible as possible so you can use your credits however as you would like us to.

Here’s how it works…

Website Maintenance packages

We can manage and maintain your new site post-launch, all for a simple fixed monthly fee. We can add or amend content, pages, design and styling tweaks or monitor security updates. You tell us what you want doing, and we’ll do it. What’s more, any unused credits can be rolled into the following month for up to 3 months “piggy banked”.

TaskCredit costings
Monitor weekly & action security updates1 credit p/m
Design & create a new page layout
(Goals meeting, UX research, designs, design review meeting, image optimisation)
8 credits
Create a new page from your current layouts
(Goals meeting, image optimisation)
4 credits
Amend content on existing pages
(edit images and optimise, tweak copy, change the order of layouts etc.)
1 credit
Add a new product on Ecommerce
(image optimisations *up to 3 per product, write copy, data/stats, price, categorising)
1 credit
Add a new Accessibility function to your existing Bnode widget
(Implementation and testing of new accessibility features with ongoing developments)
1 credit

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We can review your current website and compose a list of priority amends to make your site work harder for you. We can research customer engagement activities, SEO, competitors marketing strategies and then optimise your website using a number of specialist techniques to generate more sales, enquiries, downloads, etc. Either campaigns or projects, it’s up to you.

TaskCredit costings
Review your website’s customer engagement and compose a list of amends based on data4 credits
Competitor website analysis and comparison to your website activities6 credits
SEO analysis and strategy formulation for necessary amendments for growth8 credits

Website Maintenance costs

Here at Bnode we want things to be as easy and flexible for you as possible. This is why we have implemented this credit system, enabling you to pick and choose which activities suit you best and whenever you would like us to implement them.

As you progress up the Tiers on the chart below, the more credits you get for your money.

PlanMonthly feeCredits per monthMax. accruable “piggybank”
Base tier£1502 credits6 credits
Tier 2£3005 credits15 credits
Tier 3£60011 credits33 credits
Tier 4£1,20024 credits72 credits

Of course, if you want your maintenance credits to be used on something that’s not in the tables above, that’s no problem, we can just discuss the credits needed to achieve your goals. No more needing to find additional funds when you urgently need a project or task performing.

If you're interested to know more, lets have a chat

If you’re interested to learn more about Bnode’s core objectives, hearing more benefits to you for being inclusive, or more details on the services we provide and how we can build you an ethically strong digital presence for your company, please get in touch with us today by filling out the form below. We don’t just build amazing websites, we also offer consulting for you and your team, marketing strategies and implementation, project management, Data analysis with market research, and renewable energy website hosting.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Together, “It’s Digital done right.”