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What are the benefits of Ethical Web Development?

Not only is it ‘the right thing to do’, but there are so many benefits of inclusion and being ethically minded as a business. Let’s break these down into each of our core values with some initial facts and figures.

1. Building Accessible Websites

The more inclusive your website is, the more people you can reach with your products and services.

"1 in 7 of us are Neurodiverse (around 15% of us) which is around 10 million people in the UK." Source:

This includes Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, and Autism, which are often invisible to the eye and overlooked. Consideration of inclusive UX for everyone will lead to better customer engagement.

"In Britain there are approximately 3 million colour blind people (about 4.5% of the entire population)." Source:

Considering your websites colours and having the ability to change those can be game changing. It’s the difference between your content being seen or not.

"Almost 2 Million people in the UK are blind." Source:

If your website isn’t using the correct markup to identify the assets on the page, or doesn’t have the correct order in place then individuals using page readers will not be able to understand your content and use your website.

Overall, the more inclusive your Brand is, the better you are perceived as a company that has high ethical values.

This will be reflected within your customers preferences when making decisions on who to purchase their products and services from. It may also influence potential new employees decisions if they join your team or not, and finally your current internal team members will be positively affected by working for a strong ethically minded company.

And there’s so much more…

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2. Building Sustainable Websites

"Over 66% of consumers say they would spend more for a product if it came from a sustainable brand." Source: Nielsen report

The benefits of customer sales for a business that shows strong environmental considerations are massive.

"Over 81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment." Source: Nielsen report

It’s not just about the products or services that you may supply. A strong marketing plan and PR strategy that can be reflected on your website about your digital impact awareness can take you to new levels of customer satisfaction and growth.

"Businesses that act sustainably build 5.7% more trust with customers and employees. Although underlying factors like supply chain issues and inflation can undermine these efforts." Source:

Your website is your digital shop window. If you practice what you preach and are aware that your digital assets contribute to your journey to net zero, you can help to prevent any trust erosion by showing that you are ethically sound.

Your website SEO rankings are directly affected by the speed of your website. Source: Google’s

A strong contributing factor to this is the file size of each image, video, script and plugins. When designing with sustainable web development in mind from the ground up, Bnode consider the energy usage when your website pulls these assets down from a server to display on a user’s machine. Therefore a reduction in CO2 output also contributes to enhanced SEO rankings.

And there’s so much more…

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Bnode’s Mission objectives to make inclusive websites and sustainable websites the ‘norm’.

Although Bnode Ltd is focused on strong ethics and consideration of all digital assets and operations to be inclusive and sustainable, you can find more information in our services section for each of these individually, or you can contact us about anything that we offer as a package. However, we’re here to talk mainly about websites…

Making your website more inclusive

Here at Bnode we have created the ‘accessibility menu’.

A concept to work with our WordPress website builds that will grow over time to include more and more considerations for website usability, implementing inclusivity and a strong ethical statement when it comes to website accessibility standards.


Give it a go and click on the person icon to the left on a desktop, or top right on a mobile.

You can always click it again to put it away.

First there is Font

Simply select the font size you would like to change the font to, from Small, Medium, or Large. You can also change the whole website to a more Dyslexic friendly font with a heavier weight at the bottom. There are also several sizes of Letter spacing and Line height that you can choose from to suit your needs.

Second there is Colour

Here you can change the Background Colour, Font Colour and Button Colour of the whole website. The numbers for this list simulate a button colour change too. We have also added a ‘Dark Mode’ for people that prefer less brightness when reading a website.

Third there is Reading

Toggle the switch on and off to have a crosshair follow your mouse on desktop, or on mobile, tap anywhere on the page and scroll up and down. Ideal for Dyslexic users to keep track of where they are reading. We also have an image toggle so you can have less distractions on the page when digesting large amounts of text. Thirdly, we have a ‘ruler’ function that highlights just a few rows & dims the rest of the screen so you can focus on the area that you’re reading. And finally, we have a ‘Text to speech’ function that enables an audio output for page content, thus reducing the requirement for expensive and code heavy browser-based page readers.

Coming Soon

We currently have additional projects in development too. This is part of the ever-growing inbuilt accessibility widget that Bnode is investing in for a more inclusive web-based world.

Sustainable Web Development in practice.

Bnode’s website has been created sustainably, with techniques to reduce its carbon impact.

It produces just 0.345g of CO2 per page view and is powered by renewable energy. With approximately 10,000 views per month this is the equivalent to driving 2.45 miles in an electric car, or watching 2 hours of Netflix (in HD) and it would take about 1 tree to offset this CO2 output in a year.

Do you know how much CO2 your website produces? If not…

Do you know your websites digital co2 footprint? 0.345g SIZE 465.48 KB. Overall this web page is rated as great when it comes to its carbon footprint This website is hosted using renewable energy. With 10000 Monthly visits this equivalent to: Driving 2.45 miles Tesla Model S or Watching 2 hours of Netflix (in HD). At least 1 tree would be needed to offset the CO2 in year. BNODE, DIGITAL DONE RIGHT

We also have a great Google Pagespeed insights score of 98% on Desktop and 81% on Mobile devices.

A contributing factor to this is not only due to excellent coding, SEO, accessibility rankings and a fast hosting provider, but also due to the assets being optimized and minified to achieve great results, all while providing a very low page file size considering the amount of content that is on there.

Bnode specialises in building quality websites that not only perform extremely well, are inclusive, and consider the environment, but they also allow you to manage and update your website yourselves through easy to use admin CMS controls.

PageSpeed Insights results Desktop 98 percent Performance. We're proud of our website, are you? Bnode. Digital done right.

Drop us an email and lets have a chat

If you’re interested to learn more about Bnode’s core objectives, hearing more benefits to you for being inclusive, or more details on the services we provide and how we can build you an ethically strong digital presence for your company, please get in touch with us today by filling out the form below. We don’t just build amazing websites, we also offer consulting for you and your team, marketing strategies and implementation, project management, Data analysis with market research, and renewable energy website hosting.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Together, “It’s Digital done right.”